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South Dakota DENR

Numerical Listing of Laws

Chapter Title
1-40 Department of Environment and Natural Resources
1-50 State Emergency Response Commission
5-23 State Purchases and Printing (Recycling) 
34-44 Asbestos Abatement Training Project
34A-1 Air Pollution Control
34A-2 Water Pollution Control
34A-2A Chemigation
34A-2B Livestock Discharge Control
34A-3 Water Supply And Treatment System Operators
34A-3A Safe Drinking Water
34A-4 Sanitary licensees, Repealed.
34A-5 Sanitary Districts
34A-6 Solid Waste Management
34A-7 Litter Disposal And Control
34A-8 Endangered And Threatened Species
34A-9 Environmental Impact Of Governmental Actions
34A-10 Remedies For Protection Of Environment
34A-11 Hazardous Waste Management
34A-12 Regulated Substance Discharges
34A-13 Petroleum Inspection And Release Compensation
34A-14 Petroleum Environmental Compliance Authority
34A-15 Limitation on Liability of Lenders for Environmental Damage
34A-16 Regional Recycling And Waste Management Districts
43-17 Water Boundaries and Riparian Lands
45-4 Location and Working of Mining Claims
45-6 Mine Licenses
45-6B Mine Permits
45-6C Mineral Exploration
45-6D Uranium Exploration
46-1 Definitions and General Provisions (Water Rights)
46-2 Water Management Board and Chief Engineer
46-2A Administrative Procedure for Appropriation of Water
46-3A Weather Modification Activities
46-4 Dry-Draw and Nonnavigable Stream Dams
46-5 Appropriation of Water
46-6 Groundwater and Wells
46-7 Storage, Diversion and Irrigation Works
46-8 Eminent Domain
46-10 Adjudication of Water Rights
46-10A Water Use Control Areas
46A-1 State Water Resources Management