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Watershed Protection

The South Dakota Nonpoint Source Pollution Task Force (NPSTF)
- 319 Grant Recommendation Process


319 Grant Application, Review and Recommendation Process
Approved by the South Dakota Nonpoint Source Task Force, May 27, 1999


1. Application Deadline - Whatever the date chosen by the Task Force, it must be adhered to. Applications post-marked after this date should be returned.


2. Completeness Review - As soon as an application is submitted, DENR staff determine whether or not the application is complete. There is written guidance available that defines what constitutes a complete application. If there are minor deficiencies or omissions, DENR can request that the applicant provide the needed information in a timely manner. However, applications that are missing major elements should be rejected.


3. Distribution of Applications to Task Force - Following the Completeness Review, applications are to be distributed to the Task Force representatives within two weeks.


4. Project/Application Review by the Task Force - Prior to making any decisions on the requests, the Task Force shall review the projects.


     A. Applicant Presentation - Each project is allocated 10 minutes for a brief, explanatory presentation. Questions from Task Force representatives are limited to specific facts or procedures. All projects are presented at this time.

     B. Short, follow-up question and answer session for each project - This is the opportunity for Task Force members to ask more conceptual or philosophical questions, or to follow-up on questions from the earlier session.


5. Task Force Decisions - Three decisions will be made, in the following order, for each project.


     A. Should the project be considered for support? The Task Force must first decide whether or not each project should be eligible for any level of support.

     B. Are the projects acceptable as submitted, or should changes be made? The Task Force should determine if the project should be considered as presented, or if changes to the project are needed/desired.

     C. Priority Ranking. Each Task Force representative ranks the projects as approved in Steps A and B. DENR staff collate the results, and the Task Force recommendation to the BWNR is determined.


6. Task Force Recommendations to the BWNR - The decisions of the Task Force should be presented to the Board of Water and Natural Resources by the Chairman, or a designated representative. DENR staff should not make this presentation.


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