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Water Rights

Water Unit Equivalents Table

Abbreviations shown in table below:

  • cfs = cubic feet of water per second
  • gpm = gallons of water per minute
  • af = acre foot of water
    (An acre foot covers one acre of land one foot deep)
One acre-foot is approximately enough water to supply two families of four for one year -- this equates to thirteen tank railcars. Train engine with 13 tank cars
Unit 1 equals Unit 2 equals Unit 3
1.0 cubic feet of water 7.48 gallons of water 62.4 pounds of water
1 af 43,560 cubic feet of water 325,851 gallons of water
Unit 1 equals Unit 2
1 cfs 448.8 gpm
1 cfs 50 South Dakota miner's inches
1 cfs 646,317 gallons per day
1 cfs for 24 hours 1.98 af
1 cfs for 30 days 59.5 af
1 cfs for 1 year 724 af
1 million gallons of water 3.07 af
1 million gallons per day 1,120 af per year
1,000 gpm 2.23 cfs
1,000 gpm 4.42 af per day