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Water Rights

Water Rights Laws & Rules

Scale and law book   South Dakota Codified Laws (SDCL Chapter)

Chapter Name
1-40. Department of Environment and Natural Resources
34A-2A. Chemigation
43-17. Water boundaries and riparian lands
46-1. Definitions And General Provisions.
46-2. Water Management Board And Chief Engineer.
46-2A. Administrative Procedure For Appropriation Of Water.
46-3. Survey And Investigation Of Water Resources [Repealed].
46-3A. Weather Modification Activities [Repealed].
46-4. Dry-draw And Nonnavigable Stream Dams.
46-5. Appropriation Of Water.
46-6. Groundwater And Wells.
46-7. Storage, Diversion And Irrigation Works.
46-8. Eminent Domain.
46-9. Overflow And Flooding From Wells And Distribution Works [Repealed].
46-10. Adjudication Of Water Rights.
46-10A. Water Use Control Areas.


A text search and listing of all South Dakota Codified Laws are available at a site provided by the Legislative Research Council.  Also available, a Summary of South Dakota Water Laws and Rules from DENR.

Scale and law book   Administrative Rules of South Dakota

Chapter Name
74:02:01 General Rules
74:02:04 South Dakota Well Construction Standards
74:02:05 Regulation of Groundwater
74:02:08 Safety of Dams
74:02:09 Chemigation
74:02:10 Fences Crossing Navigable Streams
74:07 Environmental Financial Assurance


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