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Waste Management Program

Radioactive Materials and Radiation Machines

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All industrial use radiological sources or radiation producing machines are required to be registered with the DENR.  It's a registration requirement, not a license per se as the DENR does not have regulatory authority for the licensing.  It's a one page form that must be submitted to DENR.  The form describes the activity of the source/radiation output of the machine along with the location that they're being used at and the safety person/owner that is responsible for them.

The registration form can be accessed by clicking on the following link: Radioactive Materials and Radiation Machine Registration Form

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that fillable PDF forms be downloaded to your computer and completed using Adobe Reader. Fillable PDF forms can no longer be reliably completed in your web browser since many browsers have their own proprietary PDF viewers which do NOT work correctly with fillable PDF documents. Directions on how to download fillable PDF forms using various web browsers are available here.

For more information, contact Nick Emme at (605) 773-3153 or by e-mail.