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Inspection, Compliance & Remediation Program

Reporting of Releases

Each UST owner or operator shall report any spill or overfill of a regulated substance that exceeds its reportable quantity under CERCLA 1980 (40 C.F.R. 302, July 1, 1990) or threatens the waters of the state and any spill or overfill of petroleum that exceeds 25 gallons or causes a sheen on surface water to the department immediately.

Releases of 25 gallons or less

UST owners or operators shall contain and clean up any spill or overfill of petroleum of 25 gallons or less immediately. If the cleanup is not accomplished within 24 hours, the department or the Division of Emergency Management and applicable local agencies must be notified.
Reporting of Suspected Releases

Each UST owner or operator must report suspected releases from USTs. The owner or operator shall report any of the following conditions to the department within 72 hours:


          (1)  Test, sampling, or monitoring results from a release detection method that indicate a release
                  may have occurred; and


          (2)  Unusual operating conditions, such as the erratic behavior of product dispensing equipment,

                 the sudden loss of product from the UST system, or an unexplained presence of water in the tank.


If you have any questions please contact Terry Florentz, Justin Allen, or Marshall Brown in Pierre at (605) 773-3296, or Scott Bickler in Sioux Falls at (605) 362-3500  or in Rapid City contact Zachary Burggraff  at (605) 394-2229 or E-mail.