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Plans and Specifications for New Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks

To ensure new tank systems are installed according to state regulations and meet Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) requirements, plans and specifications must be submitted to the Ground Water Quality Program for review and approval at least 30 days before the tanks are installed. If the tank systems meet state standards as described in ARSD Chapter 74:56:01:04 for underground storage tank systems and ARSD Chapter 74:56:03:04 for aboveground storage tank systems, the tank owner should receive an approval letter within 30 days. If insufficient information is submitted DENR will be contacting you.


Tank Construction


At a minimum, the plans and specifications for Underground Storage Tank Systems must include the type of tank and product line corrosion protection, overfill protection and spill containment specifications, and the method of leak detection for the system. The plans must include all information relevant to show the tank system is in compliance with state rules and must include a site map. Most tank installers will send these plans to DENR for you. You should be aware that other state, federal, and local agencies, including state and local fire prevention authorities, may also need to review the plans. DENR will do periodic inspections of installations. If the work is not being done in accordance with the approved plans and specifications, the work may be halted or required to be redone.


The plans and specifications for Aboveground Storage Tank System that has a total capacity of greater than 250,000 gallons must include one or more of the following requirements as described in ARSD Chapter 74:56:03:04: (a) Meet performance standards for new aboveground storage tank systems and have overfill control, (b) Have secondary containment, or (c) Meet release detection requirements. Along with this, adequate corrosion protection must be provided for the tanks and underground product lines.


Under DENR requirements, secondary containment must be designed to contain 110% of the largest tank volume. It must also have an impermeability of 10-6 cm/sec and have a method to control storm water. Secondary containment structures may be concrete, native material such as clay, or manufactured liners. Regardless of the material used for construction the containment must be properly maintained. This means the removal of all vegetation and the repair of all cracks.


For more information regarding plans and specifications contact Terry Florentz of the Ground Water Quality Program at (605) 773-3296 or E-mail.