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Joe Foss Building
523 E Capitol Ave
Pierre, SD 57501-3182
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Ground Water Quality Program

GWQ Program Staff
Organizational Chart

Joe Foss Building
523 East Capitol Avenue, Pierre, SD 57501-318

Phone (605) 773-3296, Fax (605) 773-6035, E-mail 

Kim McIntosh


Lori Snyder

Senior Secretary
Spill Reports, Phones, Mail, Secretary to GWQ Program

Groundwater Section

Team Leader
Scientist Manager I
Administration of the Ground Water Section; Source Water Protection; WellheadProtection;
Underground Injection Control; Hazardous Material Pipelines.
Matt Hicks
Environmental Scientist III
Ground Water Discharge Permits; Spill Assessment and Remediation; Quality Assurance / Quality Control; Waste Water Facility Ground Water Monitoring Reports; 
Georgina Smith
Environmental Scientist II
Spill Assessment and RemediationGround Water Discharge Permits; Underground Injection Control. Environmental Impact Statement Review. Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations Hydrologic Reviews; Ground Water Conference Coordinator.
Vacant Environmental Scientist I Ground Water Discharge Permit; Spill Assessment and Remediation; Underground Injection Control. Environmental Impact Statement Review.
Andrew Fox
Environmental Scientist I

Superfund/Federal Facilities Section

Mark Lawrensen
Team Leader
Environmental Scientist IV
Administration of Superfund/Federal Facilities Section; Superfund and Federal Facility Program Management; Spill Assessment and Remediation; Gilt Edge Superfund Site; National Environmental Performance Partnership System Coordination.
Joane Lineburg
Environmental Scientist III

Spill Section

Trish Kindt
Team Leader
Scientist Manager I
Administration of Spill Section; Management of Spill Site Reporting, Tracking, Assessment, and Remediation; Management of the Regulated Substance Response Fund; Responsible Party Determinations; Emergency Removal Actions; Federal Regional Response Team Coordinator; Weapons of Mass Destruction Contact. Tier 2 Database Administrator.
Kelsey Newling
Environmental Scientist II
Jaclyn McGuire
Environmental Scientist I
Baylee Hoff
Environmental Scientist I

Tank Section

Terry Florentz, P.E.
Team Leader
Engineering Manager I
Administration of the Tank Section and Abandoned Tank Removal Program.
Kayla Fawcett
Engineer III

Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks; Spill Assessment and Remediation; Tank Database; Abandoned Tank Removal Program; Ground Water Conference Coordinator

Justin Allen
Engineer II
Marshall Brown.
Environmental Scientist II

Rapid City Office

2050 West Main, Suite 1

Phone (605) 394-2229
Fax (605) 394-5317

Zachary Burggraff

Engineer II

Sioux Falls Office

4305 South Louise, Suite 203

Phone (605) 362-3500
Fax (605) 462-2768

Scott Bickler Environmental Scientist II Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks; Spill Assessment and Remediation; Tank Database; Compliance Inspection South Eastern Region.

Brownfields Section

Nayyer Syed
Environmental Scientist III