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Feedlot Permit Program

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO)                    

Information regarding swine operations confining less than 2,500 head of swine weighing 55 lbs or more can be found in this document.

In South Dakota, concentrated animal feeding operations are regulated by a water pollution control permit. One of the permit requirements is that producers submit the plans for their manure management system. The plans and specifications for their system must meet Department of Environment and Natural Resources design requirements and be approved by a department engineer. For more information, contact Kent Woodmansey with the Feedlot Permit Program at (605) 773-3351.                  

The department has developed tools to assist producers in understanding the permitting process, selecting a good location for a new operation, and to answer common questions about the general permit. The department maintains a list of consultants who have indicated they provide engineering and/or geotechnical services related to the design of manure management systems. The department also maintains a list of crop consultants that can assist producers with preparing initial and annual nutrient management plans.

2017 General Permit - CAFOs permitted or approved under the 2017 General Permit

2003 General Permit - CAFOs permitted or approved under the 2003 General Permit


Hereford Angus cross

Landrace pig

Landrace giltCharolais, Angus, Limosine at feedbunk

Holding pond under construction