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South Dakota Underground Pipeline Task Force

The South Dakota Underground Pipeline Task Force Final Report was submitted to then-Governor Mike Rounds by the December 1, 2008 deadline. Below are links to the 224-page final report. Because of its size, it can be downloaded in its entirety or by section.

Complete Final Report (25 MB pdf)


Text only 1 - Public Water Supply Intakes A - South Dakota Codified Law 34A-18-10
2 - South Dakota Rural Water System Coverage B - Meeting Agendas
3 - Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines C - Meeting Minutes
4 - Crude Oil Transmission Pipelines D - 08 State Water Plan
5 - Refined Petroleum Product Transmission Pipelines E - PUC Permit Conditions
6 - Proposed TransCanada Keystone Pipelines F - Midwest Incident Pipeline Data
7 - National Hydrography Dataset for South Dakota G - Information on Pipeline Incident Cost
H - Additional Information on Pipeline Incident Cost
I - South Dakota Regulated Substance Response Fund
J - Historical Budget for Regulated Substance Response Fund
K - Additional Information on Regulated Substance Response Fund
L - Fines Paid to Regulated Substance Response Fund
M - Other States' Cleanup Funds
N - Federal Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund
O - Additional Information on Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund
P - South Dakota One Call
Q - PUC Pipeline Safety
R - Source Water and Wellhead Protection
S - South Dakota Wellhead Law
T - Legality of State Imposing Fee or Bond on Interstate Pipeline
U - South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance Letter
V - DENR Spill Response
W - Petroleum Impacts on Plastic Waterlines
X - Attorney General's Opinion
Y - South Dakota Mineral Severance Tax
Z - South Dakota Spills by Source
AA - Public Comments


Background on Task Force

During the 2008 South Dakota Legislative Session Senate Bill 190, An Act to provide for regulatory oversight of oil pipelines and to create a task force was passed into law taking effect July 1, 2008. Section 10 of the Act, now found in South Dakota Codified Law Chapter 34A-18-10, establishes the South Dakota Underground Pipeline Task Force.

The Task Force is made up of seven members appointed by the Governor who are to be knowledgeable of existing federal statutes and regulations and state statutes and rules which govern underground pipeline facilities for the transmission and distribution of water, natural gas, crude oil, ethanol, and refined petroleum products. The appointed members of the Task Force include:

     1. Gary Hanson, Commissioner, Public Utilities Commission

     2. Dennis Davis, Director, Association of Rural Water Systems

     3. Gordon Woods, Vice President and COO, South Dakota Intrastate Pipeline Company

     4. Daniel Holli, Environmental and Regulatory Specialist, Plains Pipeline L.P.

     5. Pete Bullene, Environmental Health and Safety Director, Glacial Lakes Energy

     6. Troy Styer, Pipeline Safety Coordinator, NuStar Energy and President, South Dakota Pipeline Association

     7. Mark Anderson, President, South Dakota State Federation of Labor AFL-CIO


Based on SDCL 34A-18-10, the Task Force has two objectives:

     1) Review the status of existing and proposed pipelines in South Dakota and

     2) assess the adequacy of state laws and regulations relating to pipelines in South Dakota.


In addition, the Task Force is to report its findings to the Governor no later than December 1, 2008.

Public notices, the Task Force's final report, and other important documents related to the South Dakota Underground Pipeline Task Force will be linked from this page. Meeting agendas and minutes can be found on the department's Environmental Citizen Boards Meeting Calendar. For more information about the Task Force or to be placed on an e-mail mailing list, please contact Brian Walsh with the DENR at (605) 773-3296 or by e-mail.


Public Notices

Miscellaneous Materials
Applicable Rules and Laws
November 13, 2008 meeting October 23, 2008 Sign-In Sheet South Dakota Legislative Research Council
October 23, 2008 meeting Additional Information on the Regulated Substance Response Fund US DOT Pipeline Safety Regulations
September 22, 2008 meeting Regulated Substance Response Fund Fines by Media US DOT Pipeline Laws
August 14, 2008 meeting South Dakota Mineral Severance Tax  
  South Dakota - Minnesota Incident Cost by Material  
  Petroleum Spills in South Dakota - Transportation versus Pipeline  
  DENR's Presentation on the Source Water and Wellhead Protection Programs  
  DENR's Presentation on the Attorney General's Opinion Regarding the Municipal Marking of Underground Utilities  
  September 22, 2008 Meeting Sign-In Sheet  
  DENR's Presentation on Pipe?ine Cleanup Funding Mechanisms  
  Dr. DeBoer's (SDSU)Presentation onPetroleum Impacts onPlastic Waterlines  
  Map Showing the National Hydrography Dataset for South Dakota  
  DENR's Presentation on Pipeline Incident Costs  
  Historical Budget of the Regulated Substance Response Fund  
  Letter from South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance Regarding Liablity Insurance  
  DENR's Presentation on Spill Response Procedures  
  Review of State Cleanup Funds  
  Listing on South Dakota's Wellhead Protection Laws  
  August 14, 2008 Sign-In Sheet  
  August 14, 2008 Pre-Meeting Packet  
  PUC Pipeline Safety Program Presentation  
  Using the Oil Liability Trust Fund  
  Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund Cost and Claim Data