Stimulus Funds - EPA Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Funds



This website is intended to provide information regarding requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, also known as the Stimulus Bill or Recovery Act, as they relate to the EPA Leaking Underground

Storage Tank Trust Fund activities. The site is intended to keep potential recipients of these funds abreast of the activities taking place to make the stimulus funds available.


The Ground Water Quality Program will oversee projects that obtain these Recovery Act funds. EPA awarded DENR $1.2 million in grant monies to be used to address problems associated with leaking underground storage tanks. Before any of the EPA Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Funds can be used, numerous items must be addressed.


The $1,249,000 in EPA Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Funds must be used to clean up or assess petroleum contamination from leaking regulated underground storage tanks where the responsible party is unknown, the responsible party refuses to clean up, the responsible party is unable to clean up, or there is an emergency. Examples of cases where the money can be spent include sites where petroleum underground storage tanks are encountered during construction activities, abandoned sites, sites where there is a presence of petroleum odors, or at financial hardship sites. Standard federal grant requirements for existing federal storage tank grants apply. The funds must be spent within two years. 


For more information regarding the EPA Leaking Underground Storage Tank portion of the Recovery Act in South Dakota, contact:


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