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Mineral Exploration Notices of Intent: Pending Transfers from Mineral Mountain Resources, Ltd. to Holy Terror Mining Company (Pertains to five Exploration Notices of Intent for mineral exploration near Keystone, SD)

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) received five applications to transfer Exploration Notices of Intent, EXNI-363, EXNI-368, EXNI-418, EXNI-421, and EXNI-423 from Mineral Mountain Resources Ltd. to Holy Terror Mining Company. NOTE: Mineral Mountain Resources withdrew the five transfer applications on October 4, 2018. More information on EXNI-363, EXNI-368, EXNI-418, EXNI-421, EXNI-423)

Mineral Exploration Operation conducted by Mineral Mountain Resources (SD) Inc. (Pertains to Mineral Exploration Notice of Intent for Mineral Exploration near Rochford, SD)

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) received an application for a Notice of Intent to Conduct Mineral Exploration Operation on April 21, 2017, from Mineral Mountain Resources Ltd. in accordance with South Dakota Chapter 45-6C. Under the Notice of Intent, the company will conduct only exploration drilling for gold and associated minerals on private land located in the West half of Section 24, and the Northwest quarter of Section 25, Township 2 North, Range 3 East. Exploration drilling was previously conducted in the general area by four other companies. For more information on Exploration Notice of Intent (EXNI 427) with restrictions or on the Temporary Permit to use water...

Volkswagen Settlement - South Dakota Mitigation Trust

On January 24, 2016, the United States and the State of California filed a lawsuit against Volkswagen (VW) alleging it had manufactured diesel cars sold and operated in the U.S. beginning in 2009 with systems intended to defeat emissions tests. These systems allowed vehicles to emit nitrogen oxide (NOx) pollution at levels that significantly exceeded the amounts allowed under the Clean Air Act. Volkswagen has agreed to settle some of these allegations. One portion of the settlement requires Volkswagen to fund an Environmental Mitigation Trust to be used to offset the lifetime excess nitrogen oxide emissions emitted by the Volkswagen vehicles in violation of the Clean Air Act. The fund is distributed among states, territories and federally-recognized tribes based on the proportion of affected VW diesel vehicles registered in each jurisdiction. South Dakota expects to receive $8.125 million dollars from the Environmental Mitigation Trust. But first the state must develop a Beneficiary Mitigation Plan for allocating mitigation funds to produce the greatest air quality benefit in terms of nitrogen oxide emission reductions and reduced public exposure. Categories of eligible vehicles and equipment are:

1. Class 8 local freight trucks and port drayage trucks
2. Class 4-8 school buses, shuttle buses or transit buses
3. Freight switcher locomotives
4. Ferries and tugs
5. Ocean going vessels shorepower
6. Class 4-7 local freight trucks
7. Airport ground support equipment
8. Forklifts and port cargo handling equipment
9. Light duty Zero Emissions Vehicle supply equipment
10. Matching funds for projects eligible under the federal Diesel Emission Reduction Act (DERA)

The Plan was developed through a public process. A public hearing was held by the Board of Minerals and Environment (BME) to finalize and approve the draft beneficiary mitigation plan on August 16, 2018. There were no changes made and the approved beneficiary mitigation plan has been submitted to the Trustee. Further information is available at: .

DENR Monitoring Keystone Pipeline Spill Cleanup

DENR was notified on Nov. 16, 2017, of a Keystone pipeline oil spill in rural Marshall County. When a crude oil pipeline spill occurs, DENR requires the pipeline operator, in this case TransCanada, to implement their emergency response plan and perform cleanup in accordance with state standards. For more information about the spill and cleanup progress, visit DENR’s Spills website at If accessing the site, direct your attention to the ID field in the left-hand column, enter 2017.204 and click on the Search button. Available case file information can be downloaded from the site as a pdf file if the user has Adobe Reader. In addition, TransCanada has set up an oil spill incident website at Information is also available on the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration website at

New Buffer Strip Property Tax Incentive Map

DENR has added a map of waterbodies eligible for property tax incentive to the department’s interactive database maps online at Under Senate Bill 66, introduced by Gov. Dennis Daugaard and referred to by legislators as “the buffer bill,” eligible riparian buffer strips are assessed at 60 percent of the land’s agricultural income value. The bill specifies 575 lake listings and 11,000 miles of streams that are eligible. County maps of eligible lakes and streams are available on the site for downloading. For information about the property tax incentive, visit the Department of Revenue website at

General Permit for CAFOs Reissued

The General Water Pollution Control Permit for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) has been reissued and is now effective. The 429 livestock operations covered under the existing general permit now have one to four years to apply for and obtain coverage under the new reissued permit. DENR will send letters to all permitted operations with information about the process and deadlines for applying. For more about the reissued general permit, visit

Governor Comments on Corps Surplus Waters Rulemaking

Gov. Dennis Daugaard recently called the proposed Army Corps of Engineers surplus waters rulemaking “unacceptable to South Dakota.”  The proposed rule expands federal storage right claims for the Missouri River reservoirs to include all water stored in the dams and rejects the state’s right to manage and allocate any natural flows.  The Governor wrote, “South Dakota respectfully requests the US Army Corps of Engineers to reject the current proposed rule and end this federal take-over attempt of nearly all the Missouri River water in South Dakota.”  The Governor’s comment letter can be read in its entirety at

31st Annual Environmental and Ground Water Quality Conference (March 12-13, 2019)

The Environmental and Ground Water Quality Conference was started by the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources in 1989 as a means to periodically inform environmental consultants working in the state of any updates to the regulations. While the conference still performs this function it has expanded to include professional talks covering the environmental topics of the day and the latest technologies in assessing and remediating soil and ground water. The conference is free and open to the public. For additional information, visit