Water and Waste Funding


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Grants and loans are available through the Division of Financial and Technical Assistance for projects seeking funding for the following categories of infrastructure:photo of project in Yankton

Drinking Water
Sanitary and Storm Sewer
Solid Waste Disposal and Recycling
Watershed Restoration

The Board of Water and Natural Resources has the statutory authority for making the funding awards.  Financial and Technical Assistance provide staff for the board and conduct the technical and financial reviews of funding applications.


Water and Waste Funding staff work with staff from the USDA Rural Development to coordinate state and federal financial assistance when applicants request financial assistance from both agencies. Staffs from both agencies strive to put together a feasible funding package for the applicant.

photo of Yankton project


Program staff also work with the Department of Transportation when applicants that are doing a water or wastewater project concurrent with a road project may request funding from the community access grants. Often these highway and road projects create an opportunity to upgrade the water and wastewater infrastructure at a cost savings by eliminating road repair costs from the water project.


Fiancial assistance is available through the South Dakota Petroleum Release Compensation Fund to tank owners for pollution cleanup expenses resulting from a petroleum release.


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