Petroleum Release Compensation Fund - Forms and Documents


Look here for PRCF forms and other documents associated with the PRCF that will be available for viewing and downloading. Forms on this page are in .pdf file format. 


Application Packet Forms

Application Packet Letter

Instruction Sheet

Application Form - Electronic Version

Checklist for Fund Applicants - Electronic Version

Partial List of Ineligible Expenses - Electronic Version

Subrogation Agreement - Electronic Version

SD Substitute W-9 Tax Identification Number (TIN) Form    

Environmental Consultant Expenses Pay Request Form - Electronic Version

Contractor/Excavation Expenses Pay Request Form - Electronic Version



Internal Cost Screening Guidelines for Determining Reasonable Expenses (links are to the most current guidelines)


Consultant Guidelines

Contractor Guidelines

South Dakota Codified Law 34A-13

South Dakota Administrative Rule 74-32