Water Management Board

Water Management BoardThe Water Management Board is a quasi-legislative and quasi-judicial citizen's board consisting of seven members appointed by the Governor. Appointments are for four year terms and no more than four of the board members may be of the same political party. Various public interests represented by the board members include the public-at-large, well drilling, municipal, irrigation, domestic, industrial, and fish/wildlife interests. Typically, the Water Management Board meets five times per year usually in Pierre. However, the board may conduct additional board meetings and meet in other South Dakota communities as needed. Anyone interested in attending a Water Management Board meeting may check our web site for a board meeting time, location and agenda. Board meetings are open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend.


The Water Management Board oversees development, conservation and allocation of the waters of the state. In order to fulfill these responsibilities, the board has statutory authority and rule-making authority in the following areas:


* drinking water standards,
* surface water quality standards,
* underground storage tanks
* aboveground storage tanks
* ground water quality standards
* ground water discharge permits
* petroleum contaminated soils
* environmental financial assurance

* water rights,
* well construction standards,
* well driller/pump installer licensing,
* safety of dams,
* chemigation,
* fences crossing navigable streams,
* ordinary high and low water marks on lakes

* lake outlet elevations


In addition to adopting rules, the Water Management Board is also responsible for conducting contested case hearings. During a contested case hearing the board will consider the evidence presented by all interested parties and by the staff of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. A contested case hearing may be very formal or informal. Individuals may represent themselves or all parties may be represented by legal counsel, present testimony and evidence to the board, call witnesses to testify, and cross-examine other parties or their witnesses. Decisions of the board may be appealed to circuit court and the state Supreme Court.


Additional information related to organization of the Water Management Board and the board's regulatory authority may be found in South Dakota Codified Laws Chapter 1-40 and Sections 46-2-9 and 46-2-11.