Search for South Dakota Dam/Dugout Location Notices

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I can't find the location notice I am looking for...

It is possible the legal description of the dam/dugout provided to DENR is either incorrect or difficult to read or we made an honest mistake when entering the location notice into our database.  However, it may be that a location notice was never filed.  The benefit of filing a location notice is establishing a claim to the water which will be senior to any later claims. 


I found a mistake in a location notice...

If you do find a mistake or some other correction is needed, please contact Ron Duvall or Eric Gronlund at (605) 773-3352 or send an email and we will fix it.


I found the location notice but I have a question...

If you have a question about a location notice, then please contact Ron Duvall or Eric Gronlund at (605) 773-3352 or email us.


I am having problems getting the search to work...

Please contact Ron Duvall at (605) 773-3352 or by email if the search is not working properly.  If using a web browser, such as Firefox or Chrome, you may want to try the search using Microsoft Internet Explorer. 


Search Tips


  • You may search using one or more of the search options.  Leaving search options blank or at their default value will NOT affect the results of your search.  However, using more than one search option helps narrow down your search results.  For example, searching for section "28" returns records found in all sections numbered 28 throughout South Dakota -- including a township and range number limits section 28 to that specific township/range. If you don't know the township/range, then including the county in your search will help narrow down the results as well.


  • If searching by legal description (section, township, range) does not locate the dam/dugout you are searching for or you don't know the legal description, then try to search by name/business.  A name search can be for all or any part of either a first name, last name, or business name.  For example, "ford" (without quotes) will locate a record whether the first name is "Ford" or the last name is "Fordyce" or the business is "Bones Hereford Ranch".  The search is not case sensitive so you can use UPPER or lowercase letters.  Remember -- a search by name/business pertains to ownership at the time the location notice was filed with the state of South Dakota.


  • After viewing your search results and deciding to change your search, you can review your previous search parameters by using the browser's "back" button to return to the search page.  Otherwise, you can immediately clear all of your search parameters and start over fresh by using the link called "Clear results and Search Again" at the bottom of the search results page.


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