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National Vehicle Mercury Switch Recovery Program


Illustration showing cyclical relationship from steelmakers (steel) to automakers (new vehicles) to consumers (end of life vehicles) to auto dismantlers (stripped down vehicles) to scrap recyclers (ferrous scrap) back to steelmakers.

NVMSRP is made up of a collection of companies, associations, and agencies that share
responsibilities under the volunteer mercury switch collection program.  The program is designed to encourage auto recyclers to remove mercury-containing switches from scrap or retired vehicles.  The removal of automotive mercury switches is projected to reduce up to 75 tons of mercury emissions over the next 15 years.



In 2006, approximately 240,000 mercury switches were removed from vehicles and
recycled in 25 states.  The mercury from these switches is estimated to weigh 530 lbs.  To
find out more about this volunteer program or to participate in the removal of mercury-containing switches go to http://www.elvsolutions.org/.


Photo of vehicles stacked on racks

South Dakota has several participants who have volunteered to remove mercury switches from automobiles.  We hope that the volunteer

mercury switch program is successful in this state as well as the rest of the US. 







For more information on the regulatory requirements pertaining to recycling,

contact Andrew McCloud by e-mail or by calling (605) 773-3153.

For a list of businesses that recycle vehicle mercury switches, go to Businesses Accepting Recyclables.