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The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources does not endorse or otherwise support any of the companies listed below.  Rather, this list is provided as a service to the public.  


It is your responsibility to ensure that the company you select is operating in a proper and legal manner.  Keep in mind that you have the option of hiring a company that is not listed on this page.


If you have questions about any company offering  recycling services,

contact Andrew McCloud by e-mail or by calling (605) 773-3153.

Recyclers are listed alphabetically first by towns in South Dakota then by state.



Bargain Bytes, Inc.

705 E. 48th St. North

Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Phone: 605-275-0400

Website: www.bargainbytes.net

Email: info@bargainbytes.net

Bargain Bytes is an E-Stewards, R2, and ISO 14001 certified facility.  We specialize in data security and destruction, refurbishment, remarketing, and end of life asset management for residential and commercial generators. 


Safety-Kleen Co.
Sioux Falls, SD
Phone Number:  (605) 332-0231


Apple Computer, Inc.
Cupertino, CA
Phone Number:  (888) 638-2761


Luminous Electronics Recycling, Inc.
11809 E. 51st Street
Denver, CO  80239
Phone Number: (303) 660-2000
Fax Number:  (303) 815-9924
Email:  ron.kenney@luminousrecycling.com
Webpage: www.luminousrecycling.com

A-Tec Recycling
Des Moines, IA
Phone Number:  (800) 551-4912
Fax Number:  (515) 263-3707


Environmental Services of Iowa
Adel, IA
Phone Number:  (515) 993-1870


Midwest Electronic Recovery
Walford, IA
Phone Number:  (319) 845-2001
Fax Number:  (319) 845-2002


United Recycling Industries
West Chicago, IL
Phone Number:  (800) 323-1574
Fax Number:  (630) 876-3585


LEI, Inc.
Hammond, LA
Phone Number:  (985) 345-4147
Fax Number:  (985) 345-4775


USA Recyclers
Metairie, LA
Phone Number:  (504) 454-7143


LifeSpan Technology Recycling
70 Walnut Street
Wellesley, MA  02481
Phone Number: (888) 720-0900
Fax Number:  (617) 581-6248
Email:  info@lifespanrecycling.com
Webpage: http://www.lifespanrecycling.com/ 


Recycle America Alliance – eCycling Services
Minneapolis, MN
Phone Number:  (612) 379-1360 (ext. 11)
Fax Number:  


Univar USA, Inc.
3002 F Street
Omaha, NE 68107
Phone: (402) 738-4164
Fax: (402) 733-0371
Webpage:  http://www.chemcare.com

AERC Recycling Solutions
2591 Mitchell Avenue
Allentown, PA 18103

Contact: L. Landmesser
Phone: (610) 797-7608
Fax: (610) 797-7696
E-mail: LLandmesser@aercrecycling.com
Webpage: www.aercrecycling.com


TBS Industries
Philadelphia, PA
Phone Number:  (215) 535-6500
Fax Number:  (215) 535-6505


Dell, Inc.
Round Rock, TX
Phone Number:  (800) 915-3355


Earth Protection Services, Inc.
Phoenix, TX
Phone Number:  (800) 414-0443
Fax Number:  (602) 353-9285


6301 E. Stassney Lane

Building 6, Suite 400
Austin, TX  78744
Phone Number: (512) 342-8855
Fax Number:  (512) 342-6955
Email:  media@round2.net
Webpage: http://www.round2.net


Universal Recycling Technologies, LLC
2535 Beloit Ave.
Janesville, WI 53546
Phone Number:  (608) 754-3400
Fax Number:  (608) 754-3473


Onyx Electronics Recycling
Port Washington, WI
Phone Number:  (800) 556-5267
Fax Number:  (262) 284-3775