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The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources does not endorse or otherwise support any of the companies listed below.  Rather, this list is provided as a service to the public.  


It is your responsibility to ensure that the company you select is operating in a proper and legal manner.  Keep in mind that you have the option of hiring a company that is not listed on this page.


Go to http://www.epa.gov/mercury/index.htm for EPA information, technical assistance, and links to websites about safe mercury management.


For EPA information about  cleanup and disposal of broken fluorescent bulbs go to: http://www.epa.gov/cfl/cflcleanup.html


If you have questions about any company offering  fluorescent bulb and mercury recycling services,

contact the Hazardous Waste Staff by calling (605) 773-3153.


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Home Depot offers nationwide recycling for CFLs

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