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The Hazardous Waste Program is responsible for regulating the storage, treatment, transport, and disposal of hazardous waste in the state of South Dakota.   The hazardous waste program also provides technical assistance, conducts inspections, conducts complaint investigations, and assigns generator identification numbers.

Photo of barrels containing water treatment chemicals Picture of medical waste treatment facility Picture of used oil storage drums
Water Treatment Chemicals
Medical waste treatment facility
Temporary storage of used oil

To determine whether your business generates hazardous waste, the handbook entitled, "Managing Your Hazardous Waste: A Guide for Small Businesses" is a good starting reference document.  This handbook is available on the federal Environmental Protection Agency web site at http://www.epa.gov/osw/hazard/generation/sqg/handbook/k01005.pdf.


After reviewing the handbook if you have any questions, or if your situation does not appear to be addressed, contact the South Dakota Hazardous Waste section by e-mail or by calling (605) 773-3153.  If you wish to read the South Dakota statutes and regulations pertaining to generators of hazardous waste, visit the South Dakota Environmental Permitting and Regulation Guide or read the following: South Dakota Codified Law 34A-11, Administrative Rules of South Dakota 74:28, and 40 CFR Parts 260-279.


To obtain a hazardous waste ID Number, complete the Notification of Regulated Waste Activity Form.


Click on Hazardous Waste Biennial Report for information about submitting a report.


To view hazardous waste compliance and enforcement history for South Dakota, or any other state, go to http://www.epa-echo.gov/echo/compliance_report_rcra.html



For information pertaining to the cleanup of meth labs click on Clandestine Meth Labs.



Lead-Based Paint Removal and Disposal



For EPA information about cleanup of  Mercury in Schools go to: 


For EPA information about disposal and cleanup of Mercury spills go to: 




For an electronic copy of the School Chemical Cleanout Toolkit for Region 8 states go to:




A Guide for Businesses in South Dakota:  E-Waste Management

Regulation of Cathode Ray Tubes: http://www.epa.gov/osw/hazard/recycling/electron/


Links to hazardous waste handlers or recyclers servicing South Dakota:

Hazardous Waste Contractors
Antifreeze Recyclers
Battery Recyclers
Electronics Recyclers
Mercury and Bulb Recyclers
Transporters/Marketers of Used Oil and Oil Filters

If you have additional questions pertaining to hazardous waste,

contact Carrie Jacobson by e-mail or by calling (605) 773-3153.