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Surface Water

South Dakota Fish Consumption Advisories

Each year, the Departments of Health, Environment and Natural Resources, and Game, Fish & Parks cooperate to perform fish collection and sampling.  The Department of Health issues consumption advisories.

The state of South Dakota has issued consumption advisories based on Mercury concentrations in fish, for: Bitter Lake, Coal Springs Reservoir, Elm Lake, Hazeldon Lake, Hurley Lake, Island Lake (North), Lake Isabel, Lake Minnewasta, Lardy Lake, Long Lake, Lynn Lake, Middle Lynn Lake, Newell Lake, Opitz Lake, Pudwell Dam, Swan Lake, Twin Lakes/Highway 81, Reid Lake, Roosevelt Lake, and Twin Lakes (Minnehaha).  For more information please visit the Department of Health website. South Dakota fish sampling protocols and procedures can be found here: Intensive and Screening Protocols and Procedures

Waterbodies Tested 1996-2016
Amsden Dam, Day County   Lake Oahe (Minneconjou Bay), Stanley County
Angostura Reservoir, Fall River County   Lake Oahe (Moreau River Embayment),
Antelope Lake, Day County     Dewey County
Bear Butte Creek, Lawrence County   Lake Oahe (West Whitlock), Potter County
Beaver Lake, Minnehaha County   Lake Oahe, Stanley & Sully Counties
Belle Fourche Reservoir, Butte County   Lake Oakwood (East Oakwood Lake),
Belle Fourche River, Butte County     Brookings County
Belle Fourche River (near Vale),   Lake Pocasse, Campbell County
  Butte County   Lake Poinsett, Hamlin County
Big Sioux River,   Lake Roosevelt, Tripp County
  Minnehaha & Moody Counties   Lake Sharpe (Farm Island Area),
Bitter Lake, Day County     Hughes County
Blue Dog Lake, Day County   Lake Sharpe (Joe Creek Area),
Brakke Dam, Lyman County     Hughes & Lyman Counties
Brant Lake, Lake County   Lake Sharpe (North Shore Area),
Brush Lake, Brookings County     Buffalo & Lyman Counties
Bullhead Lake, Deuel County   Lake Sharpe, Stanley & Lyman Counties
Bullhead Lake, Roberts County   Lake Sinai, Brookings County
Burke Lake, Gregory County   Lardy Lake, Day County 
Cattail Lake, Marshall County   Lemmon Lake (East), Perkins County
Cavour Lake, Beadle County   Lily Lake, Day County
Cheyenne River (below Edgemont),   Little Missouri River, Harding County
  Fall River County   Little Moreau #1, Dewey County
Cheyenne River (near Angostura Reservoir),   Long Lake, Codington County
  Fall River County   Lynn Lake, Day County
Cheyenne River, Pennington County   Mankey Slough, Clark County
Cheyenne River (near Wasta),   Marindahl Lake, Yankton County
  Pennington County   McCook Lake, Union County
Clear Lake, Deuel and Marshall Counties   McNenney State Fish Hatchery,
Cleghorn Springs Hatchery,     Lawrence County
  Pennington County   Middle Lynn Lake, Day County
Clubhouse Sough, Marshall County   Mina Lake, Edmunds County
Coal Springs Reservoir, Perkins County   Missouri River, Yankton County
Cottonwood Lake, Sully County   Murdo Lake, Jones County
Crooked Lake, Grant County   New Wall, Pennington County
Curlew Lake, Meade County   Newell Lake, Butte County
Deerfield Reservoir, Pennington County   North Fork Whetstone River, Grant County
Diamond Lake, Minnehaha County   North Twin Lake, Minnehaha County
Dry Lake #2, Clark County   Opitz Lake, Day County
Dry Lake, Codington County   Pactola, Pennington County
East 81 Lake, Brookings County   Pelican Lake, Codington County
  (See Twin Lakes/Hwy 81)   Pickerel Lake, Day County
Elm Lake, Brown County   Piyas Lake, Marshall County
Enemy Swim Lake, Day County   Pott's Dam, Potter County
Fate Dam, Lyman County   Pudwell Dam, Corson County
Faulkton Lake, Faulk County   Punished Women Lake, Codington County
Goldsmith Lake, Brookings County   Rapid Creek, Pennington County
Goose Lake, Codington County   Ravine Lake, Beadle County
Hayes Lake, Stanley County   Red Iron Lake (South), Marshall County
Henry, Kingsbury County   Reetz Lake, Day County
Horseshoe Lake, Day County   Reid Lake, Clark County
Hurricane Lake, Roberts County   Richland Dam, Jones County
Isabel Lake, Dewey County   Richmond Dam, Brown County
Island Lake (North), Minnehaha County   Rose Hill Lake, Hand County
James River, Beadle County   Roy, Marshall County
Lake Albert, Grant County   Rush Lake (North & South), Day County
Lake Alice, Deuel County   Shadehill, Perkins County
Lake Alvin, Lincoln County   School Lake, Deuel County
Lake Byre, Lyman County   Sheridan Lake, Pennington County
Lake Byron, Beadle County   Sheriff Dam, Jones County
Lake Campbell, Brookings County    Simon Dam, Potter County
Lake Carthage, Miner County   Soukup Pond, Minnehaha County
Lake Cochrane, Deuel County   South Buffalo Lake, Marshall County
Lake Dante, Charles Mix County   South Twin Lake, Minnehaha County
Lake Dimock, Hutchinson County   Spearfish Creek, Lawrence County
Lake Francis Case (Between White River   Staum Dam, Beadle County
  Confluence & Boyer)   Stockade Lake, Custer County
Lake Francis Case (Pease Creek),   Summit Lake, Grant County
  Gregory & Charles Mix Counties   Swan Lake, Clark County
Lake Francis Case (Platte/Winner Bridge),   Thompson, Kingsbury County
  Gregory County   Twin Dam, Stanley County
Lake Francis Case, Lyman County   Twin Lake, Sanborn County
Lake Henry, Bon Homme County    Twin Lakes/Hwy 81, Kingsbury County
Lake Herman, Lake County   Twin Lakes (South Twin & North Twin),
Lake Hiddenwood, Walworth County     Minnehaha County
Lake Hurley, Potter County   Vermillion Lake, McCook County
Lake Isabel, Dewey County   Waggoner Lake, Haakon County
Lake Kampeska, Codington County   Wall Lake, Minnehaha County
Lake Louise, Hand County   Waubay Lake, Day County
Lake Madison, Lake County   West 81 Lake/Twin Lakes Complex,
Lake Minnewasta, Day County     Brookings & Kingsbury Counties
Lake Mitchell, Davison County   Whitewood Creek, Lawrence County
Lake Oahe (Cow Creek), Sully County   Whitewood Lake, Kingsbury County
Lake Oahe (Grand River Embayment),   Wilmarth Lake, Aurora County 
  Corson County    
Waterbodies Tested 2017
Amsden Dam, Day County   Lemmon Lake (East), Perkings
Antelope Lake, Day County   Lewis & Clark Lake, Yankton/Bon Homme Counties
Belle Fourche Reservoir   Newell Lake, Butte County
Coal Springs, Perkins County   Pelican Lake, Codington County
Curlew Lake, Meade County   Punished Woman Lake, Codington County
Horseshoe Lake, Day County   Simon Dam, Potter County
Island Lake, Minnehaha/McCook Counties   South Buffalo Lake, Marshall County
Lake Hurley, Potter County   Vermillion Lake, McCook County
Lake Isabel, Dewey County    

GF&P and DENR personnel obtaining a plug of fillet tissue from a Largemouth Bass.  The tissue is sent to the state health laboratory for analysis.  This fish was released and has a excellent chance for recovery.



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