Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan


Pollution Prevention Plans


As part of the storm water permit, you must develop a pollution prevention plan. You must have your plan in place before construction begins.


The pollution prevention plan must include:


  • Person(s) responsible for implementation of the plan;

  • A description of potential pollutant sources and exposed materials;

  • A description of the project and the type of construction activity;

  • An estimate of the total area of the site;

  • The total area that will be disturbed;

  • A description of the intended sequence of soil disturbing activities;

  • A description of the soil type within the disturbed areas;

  • Name of the surface water(s) that may receive discharges from the site;

  • A site map including the following:


  • Drainage patterns and flow directions;
  • Areas of exposed materials and/or soil disturbances
  • Location of major structural and nonstructural controls identified in the plan
  • Surface water
  • Location(s) where spills or leaks have occur
  • Other areas of concern, such as fuel tank storage;
  • Discharge outfalls or locations where storm water is discharged.


Signed certification statement (found in section 6.9 of the General Construction Permit)


You are responsible for implementing the pollution prevention plan. You must update the plan as site conditions change. You must keep a copy of your plan on-site. You are not required to send a copy of the plan to DENR, unless DENR specifically requests it.




For more information contact William Marcouiller at 1-800-SD-STORM (1-800-737-8676)