Welcome to the Oil & Gas regulatory homepage.  The Minerals & Mining Program, Division of Environmental Services, Department of Environment and Natural Resources regulates oil and gas exploration and production in South Dakota.


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New Items:


NEW Certificate of Negotiation Posted 6/30/2014


Master spreadsheet of injection values. This spreadsheet covers 1977 to the present.


2013 Oil and gas legislation effective July 1, 2013.


South Dakota Geological Survey's Core and Cuttings Repository Database


Issued order indexes with links to order files. (Also available through the South Dakota Geological Survey's Oil and Gas Map-Based Data Source.)


Summary of Findings from the South Dakota Oil and Gas Development/Preparedness Executive Branch Work Groups


Master spreadsheet of production values. This spreadsheet covers 1950 through the present and contains enhanced recovery unit specific data. Production data is also available by well through the South Dakota Geological Survey's Online Oil and Gas Database.






2013 Oil and Gas Activity

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Send Correspondence, Permit Applications and Reports to:

Minerals and Mining Program

2050 West Main Street, Suite #1
Rapid City, SD 57702-2493

Fax: 605-394-5317



Questions regarding regulation of oil & gas? Contact us at 605-773-4201 or by email (see below).


Bob Townsend - Administrator, Minerals and Mining Program (email)


Mike Lees - Senior Hydrologist, Minerals and Mining Program (email)


Lucy Dahl - Geologist, Minerals and Mining Program (email)


Jeff Klenner - Geologist, Minerals and Mining Program (email)



Questions regarding Class II Underground Injection Control (UIC) permits?


Brian Walsh - Environmental Scientist III, Ground Water Quality Program (email), 605-773-3296



Questions regarding oil and gas taxes in South Dakota?


Information on taxation can be found on the Department of Revenue's Special Taxes Division website (Phone: 605-773-3311).



Other oil and gas questions? Visit our FAQ page to find out more!




What We Do:

Drilling Rig, Yellow Hair Field

Purpose: to implement the state oil and gas laws in a timely, efficient, and customer service oriented manner that will encourage exploration for and development of oil and gas; prevent waste; and protect correlative rights, water resources, the environment, and human health.









                                                               Drilling Rig, Yellow Hair Field, Harding County.

                                                             Photo courtesy of Chris Quinn,

                                                             Luff Exploration Company.