Tank Database

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New GIS based interactive Tank database


The Ground Water Quality Program maintains a database of Registered Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks in South Dakota. The database is now searchable on-line. The database provides the facility ID number, facility name, address, city, county, contact person, owner, phone number, number of tanks, and tank information. The first two digits of the ID number represent the county. The format of the ID number for UST facilities is 00-00000 (Dash after first two digits). The format for AST facilities is 0000000. (There is no "Dash" after the first two digits in the ID number for an AST facility.)

The database is best viewed with Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater and Netscape 4.0 or greater. To view and search the registered underground and aboveground storage tank database Click Here.  
The Ground Water Quality Program is actively collecting locational data on each facility with a GPS application. This information is inserted in the "additional information" section of the tank database and being used for this New GIS based interactive Tank database.

For more information contact the Underground Storage Tank Program at (605) 773-3296 or E-mail.