Downloadable Underground/Aboveground Storage
Tank Data in South Dakota


This downloadable format of the regulated underground/aboveground storage tank data contains the information about the facility ID number, facility name, address, city, county, state, zip, and tank type (U = Underground Storage Tank and A = Aboveground Storage Tank) and also tank capacity, product, age, construction and status.  The first two digits of the ID number represent the county. 


The format of the ID number for the UST facilities is 00-00000.  The format for the AST facilities is 0000000.   (There is no hyphen after the first two digits in the ID number for an AST facility).


This downloadable Tank Data is in Microsoft Excel 2010 xlsx format. Or you can click here to see  Underground/Aboveground Storage Tank Data in a searchable format.

This file will be updated on a yearly basis; the last update was January 21, 2014 


For more information contact the Underground Storage Tank Program at (605) 773-3296 or E-mail.