Abandoned Tank Removal Project

To get your tanks removed...

UST bullet Owner completes the tank forms:   Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf)
UST bullet If your tank is eligible, the state will remove the tanks and do the necessary cleanup.


Tank Removal Process

To apply, owners must complete the form for Abandoned Tank Removal. By completing and signing the form, owners are:


UST bullet Providing a voluntary written request to the Petroleum Release Compensation Fund;

UST bullet Waiving all claims against the state;

UST bullet Certifying that all property taxes are current;

UST bullet Transferring ownership of the tanks and contents to the state upon removal;

UST bullet Agreeing that the state will not replace any surfacing such as asphalt or concrete; and

UST bullet Giving the state access to perform tank removal, assessment, and cleanup.


For More Information

For more information, or if you need help completing the form, please contact DENR at 1-800-GET-DENR (1-800-438-3367) or E-mail