Incident Follow-Up Report



Following the report of a release or a suspected release, an Incident Follow-Up Report will be mailed to the responsible party along with a letter that details the requirements of the department and a copy of the original Spill Report Form. The responsible party is expected to complete and provide the Incident Follow-Up Report within the specified time limit which will be explained in the letter.


The Adobe version (Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Form, 6KB ) can be printed, completed, and mailed or scanned and emailed to


The online version (Online Form ) can be completed electronically and submitted directly (the electronic form can not be saved, remember to print yourself a copy before choosing to submit the completed electronic form).


If mailing, send the completed form to:


State of South Dakota

Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Ground Water Quality Program Joe Foss Building

523 East Capitol

Pierre, SDĀ  57501-3182