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First Responder - 04/22/2010 - Ferney, SD


The Brown County Communications Center received a 911 call at 16:09. The caller stated a fuel truck had tipped over in Ferney. The driver was not injured. Fuel was reported to be leaking from the tank.


Brown County Sheriffs Office, Brown County Emergency Management, Groton Police, and the Groton Fire Department were dispatched to the scene.

Groton Police determined the truck was leaking diesel fuel from the 9000 gallon trailer top hatch lids. A barrel was placed under one lid, catching the majority of the fuel. However, fuel continued to seep from 3 other hatch lids. The Groton Fire Department Incident Commander determined there was a need for equipment to secure lids and contain the leak. Therefore, Brown County Emergency Management paged out the Aberdeen Fire Department.


Groton Fire Department Incident Commander, Brown County Sheriffs Office, and Brown County Emergency Management determined a safe zone and Groton Fire Department set up a foam line as precautionary measure. Brown County Emergency Management asked a local farmer to bring in a small loader to create dikes as a precautionary measure should the hatches rupture.


Aberdeen Fire Department arrived on scene. After assessing the site, Aberdeen Fire Department determined they would likely be able to stop the leaks by using clamps on the hatches.� Equipment and clamps were successfully deployed while absorbent booms were placed in the ditch to absorb fuel pooled on the ground (Approx 5 gallons).


Aberdeen Fire Department determined the tanker was secure and waited for the clean up crew to arrive. When the clean up crew arrived on scene, they were briefed as to response actions taken. A blanket of AFFF foam was applied around the tanker as a precaution and the fuel was transferred from the tipped tanker to a waiting tanker. The truck was up righted without any further spills.


As a result of the proactive actions taken by all agencies involved, the spill was restricted to 5 gallons in size and a much larger spill was averted.

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