GWQ Program Staff


Organizational Chart

Joe Foss Building

523 East Capitol Avenue

Pierre, SD 57501-318

Phone (605) 773-3296,  E-mail
Fax (605) 773-6035

Bill Markley

Engineering Manager III

Jami Burrer

Senior Secretary
Spill Reports, Phones, Mail, Secretary to GWQ Program

Groundwater Section

Tom Brandner
Team Leader
Engineering Manager I
Administration of the Ground Water Section; Source Water Protection; Wellhead Protection.
Brian Walsh
Environmental Scientist III
Matt Hicks
Environmental Scientist II
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Scientist I
Underground Injection Control; Environmental Impact Statement Review; Spill Assessment and Remediation.
Georgina McKee
Scientist I
Kayla Fawcett
Engineer I

Superfund/Federal Facilities Section

Mark Lawrensen
Team Leader
Environmental Scientist IV
Administration of Superfund/Federal Facilities Section; Superfund  and Federal Facility Program ManagementSpill Assessment and Remediation; Gilt Edge Superfund Site; National Environmental Performance Partnership System Coordination.
Joane Lineburg
Environmental Scientist III

Spill Section

Kim McIntosh
Team Leader
Scientist Manager I  
Administration of Spill SectionManagement of Spill Site Reporting, Tracking, Assessment, and Remediation; Brownfields Program Management; Management of the Regulated Substance Response Fund; Responsible Party Determinations;  Emergency Removal Actions; Federal Regional Response Team Coordinator; Weapons of Mass Destruction Contact.
Kelsey Newling
Environmental Scientist I
Rick Lancaster
Environmental Scientist II
Trish Kindt
Environmental Scientist III

Tank Section

Doug Miller, P.E.  
Team Leader
Engineering Manager I  
Administration of the Tank Section and  Abandoned Tank Removal Program.
Justin Allen
Engineer II
Nayyer Syed
Environmental Scientist III
Terry Florentz, P.E.
Engineer III

Rapid City Office

2050 West Main, Suite 1

Phone (605) 394-2229    
Fax (605) 394-5317

Zachary Burggraff

Engineer I

Sioux Falls Office

4305 South Louise, Suite 203

Phone (605) 362-3500    
Fax (605) 462-2768

Scott Bickler
Environmental Scientist II